Rhino Wet Waste Filtration System

Today, more than any other time in history, prevention is recognized as the preferred strategy for resolving waste water problems. Prevention that begins with at source recovery. Prevention that begins with the RHINO WET WASTE FILTRATION system.

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How it works

Without the Rhino: Gradual build up of oil, grease and waste solids, cause blockages and odors to form in pipes and drains.  

With the Rhino: After installing the Rhino Wet Waste Interceptor, 85-90% of waste solids and grease is removed at point of entry, leaving clear water to flow in the drains and sewer system.
  • Reduces wet waste solids and grease from drains
  • Reduces the maintenance of drainage systems
  • Reduces the number of grease trap cleanings
  • Reduces odors
  • Minimizes use of costly enzymes
  • Reduces airborne bacteria
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Meets wastewater discharge compliance standards
  • Is an AT SOURCE RECOVERY system

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